Saturday, January 2, 2016

Found Change Jar

Last January my daughters and I decided to start a Found Change Jar. We had this mason jar from a party and decided to make this our jar. We decided that we would use this jar for change found on the street/outside. It may not seem like a lot but it was a big accomplishment in change! What was the real goal of this besides finding the money? It really gave my daughters a chance to understand the appreciation of money. How many times do we overlook found change? My daughters started to realize that a penny here and a dime here can really add up! I was especially proud of all three of my daughters. They were always on the lookout and got excited when they found any change! It really was an eye-opening experiment! So what did we do with our found change? Well, we found a total of $12.27. We decided to take what we had and go get frozen yogurt. We will definitely continue this tradition next year! I challenge you to try these types of activities. They are not only fun but something the whole family can do and teach a lesson as well!

Click here to watch the overview on YouTube!

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